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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Medical Website Design is the
recommended mobile configuration by Google

Responsive Website Design is the way forward for your dental practice

A responsive website has to adapt to a wide range of devices, from the smallest phones to the larger TVs. Each device presents its own unique benefits and also limitations. Responsive design ensures your website succeeds in this multi-screen world. Google's Developers and Webmasters recommend using responsive web design for the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits it will give you. It will consolidate your site so you do not need a separate mobile or tablet website, giving you one easy site to manage.

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Why is Responsive Dental Website Design Important for Your Dental Practice?

Millions of prospective patients switch back and forth between mobile phones, tablets and desktop to search for dental services. Mobile device usage exceeded PC usage back in 2014 and it only continues to grow. This makes it imperative to provide the best user experience for your website, no matter what type of browser your current or prospective patients are using. With a responsive website, you can keep up with the competition and establish a bigger market share for your practice.

What is Responsive Design?


Advantages for Patients

  • Better patient experience- easy to read, use and navigate
  • Information at your patient's fingertips
  • Faster page loading time so your patients don't have to wait long
  • Tap to call functionality

Advantages for Your Dental Practice

  • Increase your reach to tablet and mobile audience
  • Consistent information and messaging on all devices
  • Save time and cost on site development and management
  • Recommended by Google for optimal SEO results

A beautiful website design means nothing until it is found.

Our proficient digital marketing and SEO team helped many dentists in improving their online visibility. As SEO and digital marketing tactics change all the time – our aim is to bring more visibility and more potential patients.

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