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Social Media Management (SMM) for Dentists

Social Media Management Helps Amplify Your
Dental Practice's Online Presence

Lotus Digital Consultants help you design a digital Medical Social Media Management campaign covering all needs of your medical practice.

One of the very efficient way of recapturing your website visitor's interest as they visited your website and convert them to new clients.We help you design an online campaign incorporating Social Media Management specific to your individual As you get more socially active, the chances of your site getting high in search rank increases. It will boost your website traffic by raising your medical practice's online profile - increasing your chances of being seen by prospective patients and through referral sources. Social Media Management provides high ROI for a relatively minimal cost of managing in.


Optimize Your Social Media

Lotus Digital Consultants offers a very efficient and professional Social Medial Management services for your dental practice which will allow you to have maximum benefit with almost no time required from your end, leaving you to focus on running your dental practice. We will setup, regularly post and manage to your different social media accounts on your behalf. This is a very efficient and great way to stay connected in real time with your patients.

  • Twitter- Design a custom Twitter background, post tweets directly from your website and display twitter feeds on any page.
  • Facebook- By advising around Facebook-centric special offers we can help you increase your number of followers and thus your online brand reach.
  • YouTube- We will create your YouTube channel for you and post videos.
  • WordPress Blog- Will post blogs with fresh content relating to your practice on highly optimized blogging site.
  • Pinterest- Share images of your new equipment, achievement, staff, office or of successful treatments.

What You Get With Social Media Management

Our team of social media experts will setup, manage, and regularly post to your social media accounts on your behalf. This is a great way to stay in touch real time with your loyal and prospective patients. Our custom social media solutions involve the following key steps:

  • Knowing You and Your Audience - Knowing out things about you and your vision for your dentist practice, we use the information for optimizing your practice profiles across the social media network.
  • images Social Media Account Set-Up - We create social networking accounts for your business or upgrade the existing ones.
  • images Social Media Branding - We design your social media pages to match you web portal design for your branding so that your patients instantly identify and get connected with your practice. By branding you communicate a coherent and professional image to your prospective and current patients.
  • images Social Media Brand Voice - We voiced out what your brand stands for, your practice principles and mission. That reflect and communicate your brand message to your consumers through all your social media channels. Discipline in messaging builds trust with patients.
  • images Social Media Widgets - We make custom social media buttons to match your web portal. By creating rapport between your various digital marketing strategies, you communicate a unified and professional image to your prospective and current patients.
  • images Social Media Editorial Calendar - We organize and develop an efficient social media conversation calendar custom to your location and practice to assist us in engaging with your audience.
  • images Custom and Pre-Approved Content - It is very much essential that your website must get updated with fresh and relevant content to get or to be at the top ranks of the search engines. Our proficient content writers create regular SEO friendly and custom content for your blog. Our blog posts are both fun for the readers as they are engaging and for the search engines!
  • images Social Media Automated Posting - By using efficient social media automation tools, we schedule posts and messages in advance throughout all platforms in a pre-determined time.
  • images Reputation Management - Your prospective patients must find something when they search online for your practice or for your name, our strategy will ensure that your targeted message should reach to your prospective patients as they search for you.
  • images Patient Retention: - As we know that your current patient's research, too. By staying in touch with them, you ignite their other interests which might make use of your other offerings. By continuing in touch with them so they stay loyal to you for your services.

A beautiful website design means nothing until it is found.

Our proficient digital marketing and SEO team helped many dentists in improving their online visibility. As SEO and digital marketing tactics change all the time – our aim is to bring more visibility and more potential patients.

If you are looking for highly efficient and effective healthcare digital marketing strategy, please contact us at or sign up below for a FREE healthcare marketing consultation or to schedule a virtual presentation.